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Running Achievements (Smadges) Version 1.4.1 Released

Running Achievements (Smadges) Version 1.4.1 Released

The latest update to the Running Achievements (Smadges) app is now pushed to the live app stores.


In this release (version 1.4.1) we have focused on getting regions back!


So all regions for the whole world should be in there once you get version 1.4.1

(with the exception of Russia, the only one left to finish off but it does have a few of the regions there already).


The live version should appear on the app stores in the next couple of days!


Since our last new post here, there have been a few new achievements added and some further enhancements.

So here's more of a breakdown of changes since version 1.3.4:

  • Achievements: added the Jordan
  • Achievements: Amended Greater Bristol
  • Achievements: Added Albateer challenge
  • Map: Markers no longer drift when moving the map around
  • UI: added filtering options to achievements and regions screens
  • Bug: fixed issue with NENDY not showing info popup
  • Stats: all stats now have information icon popups
  • Stats: Add p-index
  • Stats: Add pc-index
  • Stats: PB information popup now contains the more detail on your pb as well as the explanation
  • World Tourist: Jennings, Lloyd, The Hoff and Brandreth challenges added
  • World Tourist: International Alphabeteer challenge added
  • World Tourist: Add pC-Index to WT Home page
  • World Tourist: Added home country to WT Home page
  • Settings: Add option to select your home Country
Written by Ford Hollett on the 7/18/2020

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