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Issue in review on Running Achievements

Issue in review on Running Achievements

We are aware of an issue in the latest Running Achievements release, with Volunteer data not showing any results.


Our developers are working on the problem and will have it solved as soon as possible!





Incident Details:

07/01/21 - 07:45:
Issue alerted to us via our World Tourist Members


07/01/21 - 09:00:

Development in review and debugging the problem


07/01/21 - 09:57:
Cause of the issue identified and solution put in place for local testing

07/01/21 - 10:15:
Android Build completed, uploading to QA Testers


07/01/21 - 10:18:
iOS Build in progress...


07/01/21 - 10:20:
Android Build with QA Testers to approve


07/01/21 - 11:03:
iOS Build uploaded, currently awaiting processing by Apple!


07/01/21 - 11:13:
Initial testing complete by both Android and iOS testing teams


07/01/21 - 11:15:
Both Android and iOS builds submitted to App Stores

Sit back and wait for Google and Apple to approve these!


07/01/21 - 11:33:
ANDROID approved Version 1.4.7, now LIVE in the Google Play Store!
Double check your version number in the app to see if you have the updated version.
(note we are still waiting for Apple to review the iOS version!)


07/01/21 - 15:36:

APPLE approved iOS Version 1.4.7, now LIVE in the Apple App Store!
Double check your version number in the app to see if you have the updated version.


Incident Closed

Written by Ford Hollett on the 1/7/2021


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