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Running Achievements (Smadges) Version 1.3.4 Released

Running Achievements (Smadges) Version 1.3.4 Released

The latest update to the Running Achievements (Smadges) app is now pushed to the live app stores.

This brings a few stat updates, some new country updates as well as a whole new section for World Tourists.


I'm very excited to announce that we have been working with the parkrun World Tourists group (not officially linked to parkrun might I add) - to get a new World Tourist feature built into the Running Achievements app!

This will benefit World Tourists with specific group achievements and badges.

This is an exclusive club for people who have run in 4 of more countries.

To access the World Tourist features, go to the menu (top left) and select the 'World Tourist' option.


The work on this is now completed and live on Android and iOS stores.


Other things worthy to note in this release:
- Countries: Added new country Netherlands
- Countries: added Eswatini and Namibia
- Countries: events in Eswatini and Namibia are now classified respectively instead of being under South Africa
- Translations: Add remaining Polish volunteer values from spreadsheet to code
- Stats: Add Volunteer Ratio
- GPS: updates Nendy when GPS updates location
- Android: Added a quit app button to the menu at the bottom


And finally, a big thank you to Johan Duvenhage who was instrumental in providing feedback on the map and gps issues in order to finally fix the problem with the map not working for South African users.

Written by Ford Hollett on the 2/26/2020

Download Links:

App Store
Play Store


Why does my NENDY show parkruns that I have already completed? Can I fix this to show my next that I HAVENT completed?
Sam Ilsley
In response to Sam Ilsley:
We will need to look into this further and try to replicate it. We have emailed you next steps for us to look into this...
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