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Running Achievements iOS App for parkrun released

Running Achievements iOS App for parkrun released

We have recently released a new iPhone app for tracking your Saturday morning parkrun achievements.

The app is designed to show you what challenges and achivements you have completed and what badges you have earned, just by entering your parkrun athlete number.

It's a great way to see what progress you are making toward a challenge and records your percentage complete.

We also designed it to show you what runs have contributed to what achivement/challenge so you can clearly see which run and what date it was completed.

Will you get your Alphabet badge?
Can you complete the Stopwatch challenge?
....plus many more clubs and challenges


The first release of the app comes with all the main goodies we wanted to get in on release day including 25 badges to collect.

But, we are also working on new updates for future releases and will add new challenges to complete from time to time.

All feedback welcomed, we want to make this app better for you all to use!

This is in no way associated, approved or in collaboration with parkrun, this is an unofficial app.


Running Achievements is available for iOS only at this time. We may release an Android version in the future depending on demand.

Download it for FREE from the App Store Now

Written by Ford Hollett on the 9/17/2019

Download Links:

App Store
Play Store

Images / Screenshots:

Run details and notes


Hello, just wondering I am trying to download the app, it has got so far as the first stage but it is saying processing volunteer date please wait.. This has been going on for at lest an hour. Is this normal.
Esther Graves
In response to Esther Graves:
Thank you for your comment, there is a new version released to address this issue with some users.
I love running achievements. Very motivating. It gives me lots to aim for as a new pb is very unlikely. Thank you. It has been life changing. Love that extra challenges and data keep being added.
Great app thanks, love being able to see all challenges in one place along with new ones to aim for. What happened to the P-Index from Challenges, would like to see this back as done local runs a few times and this was increasing for me Love the map showing those done, great to see a visual of this.
mandy richardson
In response to mandy richardson:
Thanks for your feedback. We will be looking at a stats update later in the year to include some more stats like the p-index.
Can you please explain what floating finish position index is please? Thanks.
Davie Black
In response to Davie Black:
Its the total streak of finish positions but starting anywhere, in any order. Eg if you have finished: 123,120,304,122,201,121 It would be 4, since you have: 120,121,122 and 123
Could you add Ireland to the list of filters, please?
In response to Ciaran:
Thank you for your feedback, we will see what we can do.
I noticed on the Countries Run in that the Kingdom of eSwatini and Namibia are not included
Graeme Lee
In response to Graeme Lee:
The latest release will handle these!
I love the app but with the most recent update there’s a floating finish position index. Please can you explain what it is? I’d love to see a finish position bingo challenge but not sure if it would be possible
Stephanie Smith
In response to Stephanie Smith:
Thank you for your comments! Floating finish position index is your longest string of finish positions. Finish position bingo may be one we look to add later, there’s lots of other updates planned already though!
Fantastic app love !! it !!!!!!!!!
Pete A
nice app folks but could you possibly correct the past tense grammar? It really grates to read Total distance ran (should be run) and countries ran in (should be run). Rgds Mitch
In response to mitch:
Sure thing, this will be corrected in the next release!
Love the app but could you please increase the font size, its a struggle to read the information on many pages.
Graeme Wilkinson
In response to Graeme Wilkinson:
This is something we are looking at, it’s hard to cater for on all phone sizes so makes it’s a bit tricky to get the balance right
Any update on the android version?
Tracey Lee Hobbs
In response to Tracey Lee Hobbs:
We will be doing one but its going to take some time. It is planned we just don't have a timeline yet! It will be announced here as soon as we know.
Love this. Great work thanks. For some reason this sort of stuff motivates me to do more
In response to Adam:
Thanks, glad you like it! Your comments motivate us to expand it further :-)
Looks great, my son loves it. However, I dont have an iphone. Put me down as a demander
Richie Hardie
In response to Richie Hardie:
We are working on an Android version for the future once the iPhone one is a bit more stable and well tested!
Just heard about this App - sounds great, would definately like to see an Android version please. Could you let me know the list of challenges there are, as not heard of some of them such as Great Halls of Fire.. thanks
Katie Davies
In response to Katie Davies:
We are looking into an Android version for sure!
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