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Running Achievements Android App for parkrun released

Running Achievements Android App for parkrun released

Following the success of the Running Achievements app on iOS and due to popular demand, we have now released an Android version!


The new Android app for tracking your Saturday morning parkrun achievements is here.

The app is designed to show you what challenges and achivements you have completed and what badges you have earned, just by entering your parkrun athlete number.



- Club Badges

- Challenge Badges

- Volunteer Badges: Each role has levels to unlock, the more you do the better badge you will get

- Statistics Screen: Showing many stats for those who love the figures

- Event Summary Screen: Listing all the events and number of times completed

- Event Analysis Screen: Showing all run dates and times for runs at the same event, includes an event pb split time for those interested


What Badges will you unlock next?

Will you get your Alphabet badge?

Can you complete the Stopwatch challenge?

How many Volunteer Roles have you completed?

....plus many more club, challenge and volunteer badges to collect


This is in no way associated, approved or in collaboration with parkrun, this is an unofficial app.


Running Achievements is available for both Android and iOS.

Download it for FREE from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store now!


Link to Android App on Google Play Store:

Running Achievements For Android

Written by Ford Hollett on the 12/30/2019

Download Links:

App Store
Play Store

Images / Screenshots:

Run details and notes


Hi, thanks for the new Yeller Belly Running Acheivement Unfortunately theres one omission; Snowdon Fields parkrun in Crowland is in Lincolnshire Thanks for an awesome app
Steve A.
In response to Steve A.:
Thank you! We have amended this now to correct the region Snowdon Fields was in.
Please would you provide an explanation for the floating finish position index?
Richard A
In response to Richard A:
Its the total streak of finish positions but starting anywhere, in any order. Eg if you have finished: 123,120,304,122,201,121 It would be 4, since you have: 120,121,122 and 123
Running the app on my Motorola Android phone, I cant seem to close it. I have to restart the phone to clear it. Please advise. Great app btw.
Keith Whitwell
In response to Keith Whitwell:
We are looking into this one for the next release!
The floating finish position index doesnt seem to be right for me. The index says 2, but Ive finished in positions 1-12 and 13-30, so it should be 18 (if I understand what it is correctly)
Peter Akrill
In response to Peter Akrill:
Corrected in latest app version, thank you very much for reporting this as it’s helped us fix it!
Been waiting for an Android running challenges app for a while so this is perfect Well you be looking to include p index, Wilson index and NENDY stats on the future?
In response to Sam:
Features like these are planned yes, Wilson and nendy may well be in the next release coming soon!
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