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Project: RunningAchievements

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A simple app to track your achievement progress and stats for those Saturday morning 5k parkruns.


Uses your parkrun athlete number to get stats on what achievements you have completed, how far you are from completing others and any new ones you might want to aim for.



- Club Badges

- Challenge Badges

- Volunteer Badges: Each role has levels to unlock, the more you do the better badge you will get

- World Tourist Badges

- Statistics Screen: Showing many stats for those who love the figures

- Event Summary Screen: Listing all the events and number of times completed

- Event Analysis Screen: Showing all run dates and times for runs at the same event, includes an event pb split time for those interested

- Location map with each run completed, incomplete and even your NENDY


What Badges will you unlock next?

Will you get your Alphabet badge?

Can you complete the Stopwatch challenge?

How many Volunteer Roles have you completed?

....plus many more club, challenge and volunteer badges to collect


This is in no way associated, approved or in collaboration with parkrun, this is an unofficial app.

This is however the Official App for the parkrun World Tourist group

Available on iOS and Android.

Images / Screenshots:

Run details and notes

Download Links:

Apple App Store
Google Play Store
Amazon App Store
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