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Project: Sector 53

Current Status:
In Development
Live Version:
Development Version:
1.23.2 Alpha


An asteroid management game, a little bit like Sim City but in space.

Based on an Amiga classic K240, with my own twist to it and of course now in actual 3D.


The game is essentially focused on asteroid mining, exploration of the sector to find other ore rich asteroids and of course, some ship and missile battles with the AI that you may find in your travels.


There are many buildings that each offer their own abilities and provide things like life support systems, entertainment to keep people happy, ship yards, missile bays, radar and all sorts

This should give a real feel of building your own empire the way you want to and decide how you would like to advance, through heavy mining and defensive strategy or through more aggressive weapon/ship attacks to take over other asteroids.


Development is progressing very well, with a number of community members involved in helping steer the games direction and developments.

The original developer of K240 on the Amiga, Graeme Ing, is also involved in helping shape things up in a consultancy and testing role


It will be released for iOS, Android, Mac and also PC.



Images / Screenshots:

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