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Sector 53 in development

Sector 53 in development

Today we announce a new game hollettgaming is developing called sector 53. It's in the very early stages so we don't have much to show yet, but checkout the screenshot for a glimpse of what's to come. We are currently working on the core gameplay at the moment rather than graphics and other interface elements.


The game will be based around mining asteroids in a hostile sector of space known as sector 53. Packed with ore rich asteroids, it's a cut throat sector of space where competition for resources is fearce. Mine asteroids, build defences and send out missiles and ships to destroy your ememies. 


Loosely based on an old Amiga game called K240, we want to bring back the fun of the original, but in our own hollettgaming style.


Check back here for future updates and follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep in the loop!

Images / Screenshots:

New buildings being added
Sliding Menus Being Added
Earth 3d model added to main menu
Rock faces being added and randomised
Enhanced Rock Faces
Buildings - Command Center
Buildings - Hydroponics
Buildings - Living Quarters
Buildings - Power Plant
Buildings - Radar Tower
Buildings - Deep Bore Mine
New Perspective Camera Added
Added shadows and lighting effects
Another perspective view with new buildings
Isometric vs Perspective comparison
Written by Ford Hollett

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