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Sector 53 - The Backstory

Sector 53 - The Backstory

Sector53 is our space asteroid management game, currently in development, based on an old Amiga game 'K240'.


As development is pushing on, a story line was needed, as with all great games!

Some work has been put into the backstory now, and many characters for the game have been created based on real people from the community giving feedback on the development stages.


We wanted to share the back story while you all wait for the game to be finished, so here it is:


Earth 2080

Population reaching critical levels.

Earths resources are strained.


Earth 2095

Population exceeds sustainability.

World population decreases due to war, disease and resource strains.

Earths resources are too far depleted to recover, overcrowding and conflicts threaten humanity.


Earth 2099

Phase one of plans to populate other planets begins with a Moon colony established to aid population pressures on earth and help aid survival techniques in harsh environments. Used as quick fix for over population on earth, not sustainable.


Earth 2100

The world alliance forms treaty to allow use of nuclear propulsion in space, based on Project Orion, aiding faster space travel.


Earth 2105

First Nuclear propulsion drives used in space craft, cutting travel times drastically, especially over longer distances.

Plans for population offload to other worlds in process.


Earth 2110 - 2150

Initial Colonies established on Saturn’s moon, Titan and Jupiter’s moon Europa now space travel times allow it. Offload of population on Earth starts, but these are harsh worlds, little incentive for the general population to live in these environments.


Earth 2153

A discovery of a vast sector in the Oort Cloud with mass asteroid clustering is found, nicknamed “Sector53”, seemingly created by an unknown cataclysmic event.

Rich in ore and precious metals that can be used for trade and resource material for planetary colonisation, the world alliance plans to move in….


Earth 2154

Mars, already populated and an ideal research location for a full research and development base. Mining colony established for testing asteroid mining methods to be used in Sector53.

World alliance releases statement of intent:

Sector53 mining colonies dubbed by the world alliance as an escape from earth, with the promise of free living, health care and entertainment for all, to help build future worlds of Eden.


The world alliance moves in on Sector53...


Written by Ford Hollett on the 2/26/2019


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