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Sector53 Development Log 2

Sector53 Development Log 2

Since the first major Dev Log, Sector 53 (our asteroid mining game based on an old Amiga classic "K240") has had a number of key updates and progress is now picking up pace.


We wanted to keep you updated on this so you know what is coming.


We have been working hard on many AI elements of the code as previously mentioned, but now things are getting harder to program as everything ties together in the background.

A lot of rewrites of code have been needed to account for this and many new bugs have crept in too!

This is a shame in a way as it means there is little to show for our efforts, however it does mean there is a bit more to the game than there was and it is going in the right direction.


Buildings available to you have increased also, expanding the number of buildings to 26.

There are many more planned, including similar buildings to the original K240 game.


Along the same lines, many thoughts have gone into what we can learn and implement into the game that the original did so well.

Some of the nice to haves with be around spaceship configurations and assigning weapons to them, having alien specific ships and buildings (rather than all the same 3D models for all races), that kind of thing.


Some initial work into adding campaign selection has been added in too, this now allows for easy to add scenarios like how many enemies to have, which enemies to allow and how many asteroids, the potential sizes of asteroids and so on.

Should make adding actual campaigns to the game quite quick later when the actual gameplay/AI is finished.


The feedback from the community has been great too. Many new ideas have come out of this like being able to play as any race, not just the humans, being able to tax the population and so on.

Testers of early alpha builds have also provided some great suggestions which we have already implemented! Feedback like this is the best as we can cater to game to the players playing it.

There are so many things now planned in fact, it's going to take a while to implement it all, so we will focus on getting core things in to make a playable version before we add extra features later on.


If you want to get involved, we have also now setup a Patreon account where you can get rewarded by naming something in the game and also get access to the Beta and Alpha builds as we make it:




More updates will follow soon, stay tuned!


Written by Ford Hollett on the 3/15/2018

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