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Project: Space Kids Adventures

Current Status:
In Development
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A game created for my sons, for something to get involved in and learn how games are made.


Directed by the 6 year old, he wanted:

'a space game where you find parts of the ship to build it before blastoff to the moon' (his words not mine)


This is being made in only a few hours here or there that allow, when the boys are about to help direct and more importantly, play test it



Gameplay will feature a number of mini games to complete in order to build, launch and fly the rocket, as well as land on the moon and setup a moon base with 'domes' containing mini games to play in each.



Build The Rocket: Puzzle Platformer

The first mission is on earth at the space center, where you will guide your spacemen around the 3d world,
pressing switches to open doors and find parts of the rocket, before blasting off into space.

 Somewhat similar feel to Lego games like 'Lego City Undercover'.


Dock With ISS: Top Down Arcade Style

Once you are in space, it's time to dock with the ISS to collect some supplies for the trip to the moon.

This is a top down view, with flight control similar to that of the classic 'Asteroids' game.


Load Em Up: Top Down Arcade Style

Onboard the ISS its time to float through the space station unlocking doors and finding the cargo bay to transfer the cargo to your ship.

This is mixture of the first two styles of play, floating your space man through the ISS.


 To The Moon: ?

 This level will see you guide the rocket to the moon and land it.

 The style of this is undecided at the moment


 Moon Base Construction: Puzzle Platformer

 Time to build the moon base, where you will guide robots on constructing the domes.

 Following a similar style to the first mission as a puzzle platformer.


Images / Screenshots:

ISS storage box collection
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