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Real Racing 3 - Free game review

Real Racing 3 - Free game review

Being keen racing game fans at HollettGaming, we got our free download of Real Racing 3 to see what all the fuss is about. We were not disapointed, Real Racing 3 is truley outstanding for an iPhone game.

Firstly you are taken by the sheer quality of the graphics, far exceeding our expectations.
Secondly, the game features an array of real life cars and tracks such as Laguna Seca and Silverstone.
Pushing on thorugh the slick menus to the actual racing and it just gets better. There are various race types, including full 22 car grids to battle your way through.
The controls are also totally easy to use, with the ability to swicth between on screen controls or tilt to turn. We found more acuracy in the on screen controls just because your not following your device around the room as you blast through the corners

The crash dynamics are great too, but the actual damage shown on the car is a little linier, but you can't expect real time crash dynamics on such a game.
Following your dumps and scratches you will need to make a few repairs, which is where the car managment and modifications also come in.
This takes the best bits from games of the past like Grand Turismo, with a massive selection of events and special featured races making it a very long lasting game, again reminisant of Grand Turismo.

Is it really free I hear you ask? Well yes it really is, you can buy more credits if you want to buys cars and modifications straight away but you really dont need to.
Another great feature is the Time Shifted Multiplayer. This is actually quite a clever concept, you play today and your time is saved, other players can then race your AI counterpart in thier game on another day.
Though the AI version of you wont exactly match the path and braking and so on, it will keep as closer time to yours as possible.

So what are the downsides?
There are only really a few of these, such as a couple of updates to the game have cuased a few glitches to the menus
The AI on the odd occasion can push you off the track or cause you a massive spin out.
Due to the amazing graphics, the iphone can suffer some frame rate issues especially on the 22 grid races in places like Melbourne where there are a lot of barriers and buildings around.

The verdict: You have to get this game if you love racing games or Gran Turismo, outstanding 5 star game no question.

Slick controls, great handling, excellent racing.

A little too good at times, pushes the iphone a little past its limits.

Over a thousand races, special events and new ones added in updates.

Hollettgaming Overall Rating:

You have to get this game if you love racing games or Gran Turismo, outstanding 5 star game no question.
Written by HollettGaming on the 4/23/2013

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