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Resident Evil Revelations for PC is coming

Resident Evil Revelations for PC is coming

In 2012 Capcom released Resident Evil: Revelations on the Nintendo only.

Well now it's time to re-release this on the PC with all new graphics and additional extras.


Resident Evil Revelations takes you back to its origins, the main characters are Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield.. Remember them? Those were the good old days, with a really interesting story line and super scary moments (at least when we played it in the dark as kids!).


What's in store for us then? Well PC-gamers as well as console-users will see a massive graphics enhancement. But to add a little more than just a graphics boost and Revelations plot, there will also be additional enemies, weapons, difficulty settings and maps for cooperative Raid Mode.


Resident Evil: Revelations for the PC is scheduled for release 21st of May, 2013.

Written by HollettGaming on the 23/01/2013


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