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GTA 5 - Latest teaser video

Everyone wants to know when GTA V is to be released and we have some new on that later in our post, but before we do find out, we get another Rockstar Teaser Trailer, entitled Trailer #2.

What do we learn from this?
Well we know the setting is more modern day, you just have to look at the cars being used.
For example the Audi R8 Spyder (well a very close replica!)
Notable others including a Jag, Mustang and an Seat/VW?

Fruit anyone?
You would have thought Apple would have sponsored or allowed the use of thier products as a promo, but instead we get the 'Fruit' brand:

So when is the release date of GTA V, some say May 2013, I'm thinking 'Maybe'! We'll let you decide, watch the video here:

Written by HollettGaming on the 17/11/2012


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