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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Review

So it's here at last, the football game PES fans have been eagerly awaiting. And what is in store for us?

On first load of the game, it pretty much looks like everything is just a re-skin of 2012.
The menus and icons are all pretty much the same, entering the game not much changes either with a feel of "they have just re-branded it" coming to mind.

Then however, all changes once the whistle blows...
From the off you sense the improved accuracy of the players movements and passing, long gone is the feeling of "I never asked it to pass there!".
If that's still not quite 'exactly' where you wanted the ball, there is the all new 'manual' mode of passing.
Holding down the left trigger reveals an arrow in the direction of the pass, moving the stick points, and hit the pass button... Precision passing at your finger tips, only not so precision if your under pressure...

The manual mode is extended to any type of play, passing, crossing or even shooting.
If you are in enough space an feeling brave, use manual mode to blast a shot right where you want it.

What else has changed? Well for a start, the gameplay and players speed has been pegged down a notch, actually having a massive effect on making the game feel more fluid.
Combined with this, the player off the ball movement is much more intelligent without doubt the best yet. It takes the game to whole new level, watching your back four track the opposition offense and players trying to make a move to break them up, outstanding AI improvements here.
It’s not just off the ball either, on the ball movement is improved, again with the slight speed reduction, the players tricks and flicks are more pleasurable to watch.
Other subtle adds such as your team mates getting a bit upset when you miss a play and other player motion tweaks see some extra edge added, sadly though, pretty much the same old repetitive commentary voice overs to remind you it still is only a game and not the real thing!
So to sum up, in all a great improvement on the 2012 version, greater control giving a much more realistic and fluid football experience, if you haven’t got it yet, what are you waiting for?

Outstandingly realistic, fluid football.

Great realism in characters, but still a little something missing.

Like all previous versions, this will keep you entertained until the next release!

Hollettgaming Overall Rating:

Vast improvement on 2012, more fluid gameplay.
Written by HollettGaming on the 9/27/2012


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