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Onlive iPhone release update


So we have all been waiting since December last year when onlive announced the iPhone version was on its way.

When we spoke to onlive about it earlier in the year, they advised it was still awaiting approval from apple.

So what's the latest? Well looks like this may never happen, onlive are repeated to have commented:

Its not much of a surprise that Apple might have issues with the OnLive app, as its offering a complete platform that Apple doesnt have control over, promotes a gamepad, and provides content purchased outside of the App store ecosystem. So, heres to keeping our fingers crossed to OnLive and Apple coming to some sort of middle ground to get the app out.

in light if the time it is taking apple to approve this, I doubt your going to see this hit the app store selves anytime soon.
Written by HollettGaming


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