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OnLive for iPad, iPhone and Android

If you don't know what OnLive is, where have you been?
For those of you who do, you might be wondering "where is the OnLive iPad or iPhone App?". And you are not alone.

We have been talking to OnLive to find out when OnLive will be released for iOS on the App Store.
We are told there is no App yet for the iPhone, however from what we understand, the App is actually pretty much fully developed for the iPad and going through the process of approval with Apple.

The Official OnLive statement:
"...when we did announce our playable tablets in December, we announced versions for Android tablets and smartphones and for the iPad."

"The Android version for tablets and smartphones is available... but the iPad version is still going through the approval process with Apple."

As we know from past experience, the approval process with Apple can take some time due to the complexities of such programs.
We would imagine it may need to go through a few more development cycles and last minute amends before it can be released to the public, but rest assured the guys at OnLive are pushing for the iPad release.

If you can't wait for the release of the iOS iPad OnLive App on the App Store, you can play right now on any Windows PC, Mac and most Android based tablets and smart phones.
Pop over to OnLive now for more information.
Written by HollettGaming


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