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Virtual Airliner 2 Beta Released

Hi all you Virtual Airliner fans!

We have now released a BETA TEST version of the current build of Virtual Airliner 2.

As this is a BETA, it is in the very early stages of development, however we thought we would give the fans a taste of whats to come.
Please note that many things don't work, lots of bugs and it's in a very unfinished state.

You can try this beta version out now by visiting the members section.
If you are not a member then you will need to sign up (don't worry, it's free!).

Let us know what you think!
Written by HollettGaming


what name is the website
Added by sencere on the 04/03/2011 20:53:47
Our Response:
We will update you as soon as we can get the site in a suitable release state. The game is also still in development.
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