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Virtual Airliner 2 Update

Hi all,

We have a development update on the upcoming Virtual Airliner 2.

Due to popular demand and and some great feedback from the community, there are bigger plans than originally thought for VA2 and development continues to provide a larger scale game for you Virtual Airline fans.

There are quite a few additions to the new version, a few are listed here:

- New website just for VA!

- The interface is being worked on and refined:

- Buildings are being added:

- Mini map now has airports marked. Code added to highlight the airport when destination is set.
- No Fly Zone added to minimap.
- Active range for objects added to increase performance (similar to draw distance but off screen).
- Map and mini map sync updates.
- Runway lights added.
- Building depth detection added, you can now fly in-front or behind a building.

The new website will be launched soon, keep an eye out on www.hollettgaming.com for more news on this.
Written by HollettGaming on the 1/25/2011


when can it come out
In response to matthew:
This is already available to play, head over to www.virtualairliner.com
When is it predicted to be out?
In response to Curly:
Thank you for you interest. As per our last response, we do not have a clear release date as yet. We will keep you updated as soon as we know more.
when is it coming
In response to sencere:
We dont have a clear release date yet since there are many things to add to the site and the game before it can be released.
what name is the website
In response to sencere:
We will update you on this soon, the site is not yet ready.
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