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Assassins Creed 2 Review

After playing the first Assassins Creed, I couldn't help get excited when I heard the sequel was coming.

This time, set in Italy in the 15th Century (1486).

This is the realm of Leonardo De Vinci and Renascence period, though what lies in the darkness is far more interesting.

When I saw the intro scene to the game, I was finding it hard to tell if this was not an actual movie being played. The cut scenes look superb, with some seamless transitions to and from the game. This builds on the way the first game already did this but now with even more flair.

A few new features have slipped in such as flying machines to scope out the city, new smoke bombs to blind your foes and now you can even steal the enemies weapons.
Along with this, the unique climbing feature found in the first game has not been lost, infact you can now pull people over the edges whilst on the way up!

A whole new array of moves are now at your disposal, steal weapons, perform double kills from behind (yes you can now kill two people with one fowl swoop!) and you can even swim.

To sum up, a great sequel is expected with a great new plot and improved graphics. The format of missions looks set to be the same, which was the first games downfall. A little too repetitive, but now with the addition of flying machines and the likes, this should add to the variety.

A must for all Assassins Creed fans.

Check out www.assassinscreed.com for more inforamtion and to watch the videos.
Written by HollettGaming on the 6/7/2009


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