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OnLive - Games on Demand

OnLive is set for launch in the US on the 17th June.

So what is OnLive?
OnLive is a revolutionary way of playing games with an internet connection. All you need is a PC/Mac or a TV and OnLive TV adaptor.

OnLive comes with it's own controller, but allows you to play any game anytime, regardless of the platform. No need to buy a new PS4 or Xbox370 should one be released! All the games are streamed to you using some unique compression technology.

The idea is to never have to buy a new console, and pick up any game any time all through your existing internet connection.

There is of course a subscription fee to pay to access the service, looking to be around $15 per month, BT have also invested in the technology, meaning it should be available to all UK broadband users (not just BT customers). I would image a fee of around £12 per month for the UK but this is just speculation.

In addition to the monthly fee, you need to still purchase the game to play the full version, though the portal does boast a big community with playable demos and videos.

You can find out more about OnLive at there website www.onlive.com

Written by HollettGaming on the 14/05/2010


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