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Sudoku Today Game Released

Sudoku Today Game Released

We have created a new game called Sudoku Today.
You guessed it, it's a Sudoku game!

With the end of flash games as we know it, we decided to see how quickly we could make a game, which is for all devices to run and works in any modern browser.



It took just one day to get an operational Sudoku game up and running, which is great news as we would like to release more games at this speed with modern browsers in mind.

Whats more, this version of Sudoku has two modes of play:

Classic Mode (as you would expect with numbers)

Colour Mode (no numbers here, just coloured blocks!)


Give it a try now here:


Written by Ford Hollett on the 05/01/2021

Download Links:

App Store
Play Store

Images / Screenshots:

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