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Support Us On Patreon

From an early age, me and my dad would make games on various platforms over the years for a bit of a hobby.

We started out with the speccy and spent many hours typing out pages of code to make a simple pong game.

We moved on to more advanced stuff with things like the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit (SEUCK) on the Amiga, Flash games on the PC and right through to today using Unity3D.

It's just hobby, but out of this HollettGaming was born.

Now I use my spare time to make games for people to play for free, no profit involved, just for the love of games!
I write a few reviews and news posts here and try to spend a few hours a week making games where I can.

It's time to ramp this up a bit, so I can get the games I have in mind built quicker and released for you all to play, whilst keeping it all free.

That's where we need your help. My dad and I can only create so much on our own!
We a bit of help, we can pay for music and sound effects, get some decent 3D modellers involved and hopefully push my time into the code and development instead of spending time on these elements myself or with my Dad!

Also, our website hosting costs a lot of money, we could do with help to keep that running too.

In return, we will of course try to release more games quicker for free and of course give all patrons early access to Alpha and Beta builds as well as other rewards.


You can give as little or as much as you like, starting from just $1, you will get rewards and get listed in our game credits!



Written by Ford Hollett on the 2/7/2018


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