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Unity Used For Hollywood Style Movie

Unity Used For Hollywood Style Movie

Unity have teamed up with Neill Blomkamp, who is the celebrated writer and director of District 9, Elysium, and Chappie.
Neill Blomkamp launched Oats Studios earlier this year as an experiment to develop his film ideas without needing the level of resources of a typical Hollywood studio and to speed up production using new technology.
Together they have worked on the short films "ADAM", which really showcase the Unity Engine and what it can achieve, not just in a gaming capacity, but now also in a rendering and cinematic sense.


These short films are only around 6 minutes long each, but they immerse you into a strange and intriguing world, leaving you wanting to know more about this ADAM fellow.
Everyone on the comments is begging for a full film or series to be made out of this, or even just more episodes, that's how good these short films are.


Well, in great timing of the release of the latest Unity Engine "2017.1", the next installment titled "ADAM: The Mirror" has recently been released.
This shows what can be achieved with some of the great new features of Unity like the new Cinematic engine, Cinemachine but also gives the fans a little more (even if it is only six minutes!).


Originally, Unity's Swedish demo team showcased the graphical quality achievable with Unity 5.4 by showing the first installment of ADAM, at the Game Developers Conference in 2016
Chris Harvey, Oats Studios' VFX Supervisor, explained "it blew people away, not only because it was visually fantastic, but the story was super intriguing with a massive cliffhanger."


He went on to explain why Unity is such a good choice for film makers:
"the main appeal of Unity's engine is the real-time rendering, which lets film makers adjust on the fly. Literally, you could put a hat on Adam, hit play, and watch the film with that"


Neill Blomkamp also detailed why Unity has helped production costs:
"The biggest thing for me was the cameras. If you're working live-action, you have no choice but to work with what you shot six months earlier."


In this particular short film, he says Oats started the film with harsh overhead lighting, but later changed the position of the sun, which led to softer, more appealing visuals.


The next chapter "ADAM: The Prophet!" arrives soon too, which we can't wait for.


In the mean time, enjoy the film and check out Oat Studios YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD4ZEYIBnHIC2DUhiizMOHg for their other films.

Written by Ford Hollett on the 10/5/2017


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