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No Mans Sky Free Update

No Mans Sky Free Update

Hello Games have now released a long awaited 'feature' update to the game.


Whats more, its totally free.


It adds some more diversity to the game and long awaited 'base' building.

Yes you can now create a home on a planet to be proud of, no more enless travelling from one place to the next for no real reason!


They have also added new 'frieght' ships to own, somewhere you can stockpile you ore mined from the planets.

This has been made easier too, by way of automated mining bots so you can attach them to resources and let them mine away for you.


You can also hire aliens in your base to help out.


There are also plans to release more updates, so is this the start of adding updates to make the game what was originallly promised?


Here's some more official blurb on whats added and a video below:



Game Modes

Explorers can now decide to play with different rule sets, across three game modes:

  • Normal mode is the original chilled exploration experience
  • Creative mode allows players to explore the universe without limits, and build a huge base
  • Survival mode really changes the game, creating a much more challenging endurance experience

Base Building

Claim your home planet by finding an uninhabited base and creating your own, fully bespoke outpost.

  • Construct your homestead for shelter, using modular structures and decorations, replicated from resources gathered while exploring
  • Recruit alien lifeforms to help research new technology. Farming, engineer, weapons and science specialists are hirable from Space Stations
  • Use Terminus Teleporters in Space Stations to teleport to and from your base at will
  • Expand your base with storage containers to stockpile precious resources and rare products
  • Find an even more beautiful location and you can simply dismantle your previous homestead to refund all of the spent resources


  • Cultivate biome dependent crops outdoors, or inside your base or Freighter using Hydroponic Labs
  • Plants grow over time and offer a steady supply of resources to be harvested
  • Hire a farming specialist to research and grow ten new plant types, and discover new resource elements
Written by Ford Hollett on the 11/28/2016


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