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17 Team17 games for 12 dollars

17 Team17 games for 12 dollars

This weeks Humble Bundle Charity giveaway bonanza is for 17, yes thats 17, Team17 games for $12!!!


This includes:

- Alien Breed Trilogy

- Worms

- Worms Armagedon

- Worms Clan Wars 4 Pack

- Worms Crazy Golf

- Worms Revolution Gold

- Worm Reloaded

- Flockers

- Schrodingers Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark

- Light

- LA Cops

- Beyond Eyes


Money goes to charity and pary to the developers. You can even choose how to split the money using sliders.

If you dont have $12, you can pay what you want, lets say $1, but will only get 7 of these.


You can even GIFT it to a friend, an ideal Christmas present!


We got our and did our bit for charity, so why not grab a bargin and head over to https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly

Written by Ford Hollett on the 27/11/2015


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