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Assassins Creed Movie Photos

Assassins Creed Movie Photos

A new image from the set of assassins creed movie has been released. It gives us a glimpse of the level of quality the production of the film has. That's a mighty nice sword, but who's the face on the handle representing?


Joseph Formosa Randon, Assassin's Creed movie's location manager updates us all on the film's production location:

"[Of] the entire Malta shoot...by far the most complex [location] were the various areas within Valletta," Randon revealed in an interview recently. "I don't know if you know Malta, but Valletta is the capital, very busy with businesses, lots of residents, narrow streets, limited parking, all the usual fun stuff. We more or less took over, closing main streets for a couple of weeks, and transformed it all into 15th Century Seville."


The plot follows character Desmond Miles, an ordinary bartender who is a descendant of prominent assassin's from the Knights Templar period. Though raised as an assassin, he abandons his family to lead a normal life. He is then captured by Abestergo Industries, a modern-day Knights Templar, and forced to go back to his "ancestral memories" and alter history.


The cast includes Michael Fassbender (X-Men: Days of Future Past), Marion Cotillard (The Dark Knight Rises), Michael K. Williams (Boardwalk Empire), Brendan Gleeson (Edge of Tomorrow) and French actress Ariane Labed (Fidelio: Alice's Journey).

The movie is directed by Justin Kurzel (Macbeth) from a screenplay by Bill Collage and Adam Cooper.


Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed movie is to be released in cinemas on December 21, 2016.

We can't wait to see it!

Written by Ford Hollett on the 06/11/2015


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