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Rainbow6 Siege Free Beta Access Keys

Rainbow6 Siege Free Beta Access Keys

With Rainbox6 Siege delayed until the 1st December, Ubisoft have released a rather neat way to get hold of a free Beta access code so you can get playing sooner!


Yes you heard it, you can get a FREE beta code for the game.


All you have to do is play a small interactive video, choosing a course of action at strategic points to seal your victory (or doom!).


There are 5 levels to complete, each with nice in game footage of an actual siege scenario.

Pick the right tactical choices by clicking an option within 5 seconds, then watch the next part of the drama unfold.

A bad choice will lead to mission failure.


Read on my frends, read on for how to get this key...





It's quite a clever marketing tactic from Ubisoft to be honest, works really well.


One of our personal favourite maps from the R6 games "Rouge Spear's 747 Plane level seems to have had an influence on the new game, along with some hints for a level much like Raven Shield's Villa, we can't wait to try those. Brings back some good memories!



So go on, grab your beta key now before it's too late:


Written by Ford Hollett on the 10/09/2015


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