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Project: Sundoom

Current Status:
Prototype Stage
Live Version:
Development Version:


Sundoom is a Sci-Fi novel by Tony Hollett, now being re-created in the form of a game.


The game follows the story line of the book, focusing on the journey of the main character and the puzzles and tribulations he comes accross.


The game will be made up of various 'mini games', that is there is no one type of game here. It will be a mixture of 1st person, 3rd person, puzzles and other types of interactive experiances.


An early flash prototype was created some years back but never finished, now with the uplift in mobile games, it seems suitable to create a new version for iOS and PC/Mac.

An initial prototype in Unity has been started, but currently on hold while our main project is in progress, but is in the development queue to be further worked on in future.

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