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Project: GhostRunner

Current Status:
In Development
Live Version:
Development Version:


Running app to record runs and show a ghost of you so you can try beat your best.

Born from doing parkruns on the weekend and wanting to see how I compared to my PB so I can try push for a new one.


Current development version works well to a degree, logs the runs and you can select a previous run to go against.

The ghost of the previous run does work to a decent level but needs some tweaks.

A few bugs with logging data and times are present but overall its actually pretty close to a releasable version.

Downsides of current version are that it can't track while the app is closed (run in background not coded).
Until we are able to learn how to do that, it wont be released to the public yet (but you can request the beta version if you are signd up to our Patreon account)


On hold while we focus on other projects.

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