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Xbox One Release Date Announced

Xbox One Release Date Announced

Yes its official, the new xbox one is going to be ready for Christmas. No surprise there then.


Should we all go out and pre-order one or should we wait?


Well, there are likely to be some great release packages but it will come at a premium, it's a new console after all.

It might be worth waiting for a January sale purchase but heck, I'm pretty sure you all want one as soon as it's out!


What's it gonna cost ya I hear you ask?

Well entry price console with one game looks to be around the £430 mark.


There are 20 games available on release date, with all the big ones in there too.

Heres a sneak peek:

Forza 5

Battlefield 4

Call Of Duty Ghosts

Dead Rising 3

Ryse (looks a cracker, our personal fav!)

Watch Dogs

Assasins Creed

Fifa 14

Need For Speed Rivals

Maden NFL 25

NBA 2K14

Just Dance 2014



So here's official word on the release date:

22nd November 2013


Get pre-ordering now before you miss out, if the last time such consoles released is anything to go by, there was a bit of a shortage, I can't see this time being an exception so pre-ordering should help!

Written by Ford Hollett on the 09/09/2013


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