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Google Maps For iOS Released

At last! Apple have finally allowed the Google Maps app to return to the iphone.

We are so happy about this (as must be millions of other users around the world) that even though we normally post news on all things game related, we felt we had to share this with the world.

So what's all the fuss about I hear you ask?
Well, ever since Apple decided to replace the existing Google maps with its own 'unique' map app, the world has been driven mad by its lack of usability and bad design.

Its even gone to the extent of people getting badly lost, airports where farms should be and whole towns missing. Not to mention the lack of functionality, or more that what you used to have with Google was suddenly gone after the iOS 6 update.

We had been pretty worried when the Google app disappeared and the fact Apple had their own replacement meant we though it was never to return again.

But in recent weeks, Apple admitted its failure on this bad app, saying they "screwed up". Its interesting then after such a short time of the apology and admittance of a screwed up maps app, they approve the Google Map app.
So with that all said and done, whats in it for me with Google Maps?

Think about how good the original Google Maps was and how great it would be to have it back...
Remember how easy it was to use...
How much rich information was available at the tap of the screen...

Then think of an app that could be even better than that, and yes your right, thats what its like now!!

Ok, so we are yet to test if we get lost in the middle of the jungle, or end up falling off a bridge, but initial review is of love of this app.

We wont go on about this any further, here's the link you have been waiting for, go get it now:
Written by HollettGaming on the 12/13/2012


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