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Free iOs and Android game Dead Trigger

Outrageously good FPS for iOs and Android, DEAD TRIGGER:

Dead Trigger is not your average free phone game.
Its also not your average Zombie Killer either. Oh no.
This is a First Person Shooter will all the features you see in console sized games, bar multiplayer ability.

The graphics are just breath taking for a phone, this is achieved using the Unity Development tool, coming with it all the bells and whistles like rag doll effects and 3D rendering. The same engine used for the Shogun Total War games on iphone by Sega.

Not only that but the story line parts of the game are enough to keep you entertained and wanting to know more about the mysterious virus. But if you want more still, theres arenas and ongoing missions so the game will never really end.

Checkout the video above and dont forget to download it here:





Up there with the console FPS games, however the controls are a little bit of a fiddle.

For a game on a phone, the best we have seen.

Long story side, ongoing missions and arenas.

Hollettgaming Overall Rating:

Sensational game for the iOs and Android platforms, get it now!



Written by HollettGaming on the 29/10/2012

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