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Dead Island Review

We got our hands on the new Dead Island game, long awaited let me tell you.

So is it any good and should you buy it?

Well from what we found it's a great game if you love smashing zombies to bits!

The story is also very good, the feeling of 'Lost' combined with the brutality of 'Dead Rising'.
Only this is no vacation and certainly more challenging that Dead Rising!

The story starts you off on an island funny enough, where you will have to fend of zombies with what ever you can get your hands on.

We especially love the blunt items you can break the poor zombies arms and legs with, super fun. For those of you who like to slide and dice, there is always a trusty clever or knife to chop off limbs too.
Further into the game you will come across guns too, though not all that effective on the zombies they come in handy for the rebel humans!

In all this game is really something, with great graphics (though could have been a little better in this day and age) and a huge environment to explore.

Here's what one of our HollettGaming friends has to say:

"This game is amazing. Beautiful landscapes. The game hits it were you want it to. See zombie blood all over! Every aspect of the game is good besides the rate ur weapons deteriorate..like a heavy pipe, I dont care how many peaople's skulls you hit with that sucker, it aint bending.."
Dave Ikonov

He's got a point there, the weapons don't last all that long, however noting that there are plenty of tool benches around the map to repair or upgrade them. You can even combine items found to make even more crazy weapons.

So, should you buy it or not?

HollettGaming Team
Written by HollettGaming on the 9/17/2011


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