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Virtual Airliner Website Released

Hi all,

The new Virtual Airliner Website is now open in 'Beta Mode'.

You can now register and play the Beta version of the Virtual Airliner 2 game, noting it's still being built so there are many issues and errors!

Here's a snippet of the progress so far:

08/03/2011 - Version 2.072 Beta Released:
- Unfinished Night Mode removed. This caused a crash previously on first load of the game. Night Mode to be added again later.
- Third Aircraft removed as animations unfinished
- Minimap issue due to new scrolling method. To be resolved at later date.

04/03/2011 - Version 2.071 Beta Released:
- Website Login and registration created and made live.
- First BETA TEST version released the live site.
- Data load into the game updated and integrated on the live site.
- No ability to save your game yet, sorry!

08/02/2011 - Version 2.05 Pre-Beta (not yet released):
- Console menu updates.
- Additional keyboard controls added, can now use wasd keys as well as arrow keys.
- Help page updated.
- Target thrust selection added. Use the number keys to set a target speed instantly.
- Performance improvements.
- Minimap update.

02/02/2011 - Version 2.04 Pre-Beta (not yet released):
- Server side Encryption and decryption finished.
- Flash (Client side) decryption finished. Still need to add flash encryption.

25/01/2011 - Website Updates:
- New logos created.
- Website updated.

Visit the NEW WEBSITE now:

Written by HollettGaming on the 3/8/2011


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