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Game Review - Desert Operations

Desrt Ops
Flash Game Review: Desert Operations 

We came across a great online game we thought we would share with you.
Desert Operations is an online browser based game, based around military actions.

First impressions of the game are superb, as you sign in and start to build up your first town. It features an easy to use and slick interface.
The game features some beautiful visuals and nice 3D animations, the makers look to have spent some time on creating these great buildings and terrain.

The game kind of reminds me of a mixture of Sim City 3000 and Command and Conquer, the military elements taken from the later, with the diplomatic and management side from Sim City.

Desrt Ops
All this helps to create a truly immerse world. It does take some time to build up your empire, but there are ways of helping you along your way. There is a chat bar at bottom to interact with others and also an Alliance area you can view global alliances, form diplomatic relations or start  wars. There are some great alliances, some guys are really helpful and can get you going as a noob, sharing some of there knowledge with you.

New players to the game are protected from attack until they attack someone or they reach a certain level. This certainly helps to keep you out of trouble until you grow big enough for someone to want a piece of your empire!

Of course, building up your army and empire requires resources, you can mine the land and gain money from your population. It's also possible to buy and sell resources, oil, gold, ammunition and so on between you and other players, or if you really need some resources theres always the black market (though this will cost you!).

In all the game gets a thumbs up from us, if you like strategy on a large scale, this is the game for you.

Click here to visit the Desert Ops website.
Written by HollettGaming on the 2/20/2011


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